About Us

85 Years of Customer-Driven Innovation

Fit, form and function aren’t just important design elements; they’re an essential factor in fostering long-lasting partnerships with our customers. After more than 85 years in business, we continue to draw on our accumulated knowledge to create the world’s best seating solutions.

Since 1924 we have been expanding our range of capabilities from agricultural products to include recreational, construction, mobility and industrial vehicles. Today we design high-quality seating solutions developed solely for our OEM customers and manufacture over three million seats each year for a variety of commercial and residential vehicles.

Our purchase by Milwaukee-based collaborative manufacturing expert Jason Inc. has strengthened our focus on perfecting the art of design and manufacturing, while helping build relationships that expand our support to customers around the world.

A Jason Company

  • Finishing
  • Components
  • Seating
  • Automotive Acoustics