Seating Solutions / Utility Vehicles

Utility vehicles can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and Milsco seating products can cover your requirements. We design and manufacture seats for commercial utility vehicles plus recreational utility vehicles including ATVs, Side-by-Sides and Golf Cars.

Static Seats

V900 All-Purpose Seat

V930 All-Purpose Seat

TS-2500 All-Purpose Metal Pan Seat (15" Backrest Height)

TS-3500 All-Purpose Plastic Pan Seat (15" Backrest Height)

TS-2800 All-Purpose Metal Pan Seat (18" Backrest Height)

XR-210 All-Purpose Seat (21" Backrest Height)

XB-180 All-Purpose Seat (18" Backrest Height)

XB-200 All-Purpose Seat (20" Backrest Height)

XS-100 Heavy-Duty Bucket Seat

XF-200 Deluxe Adjustable Seat

XF-600 Deluxe Adjustable Seat

Bench Seat

Bench Seat

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