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Vehicle Seat Suspension

FL-100, FH-100

EP 1 567 388 B1 EP 1 567 388 A2 Vehicle Seat Suspension and Method EPO Issued
US 7,185,867 B2 US 2004/144906 A1 US Issued
Integrated Seat Suspension


EP 1 373 014 B1 EP 1 373 014 A2 Seat Suspension EPO Issued
US 6,935,693 B2 US 2003/0201660 A1 US Issued
ZL03810837.2 CN Issued
691,333-691,339 Vehicle Seat FR Issued
3007248 GB Issued
R.O.P. 51722 AT Issued
34896-00 BE Issued
2002 03703 TR Issued
87032 IT Issued
155085 ES Issued
402 08 042.4 DE Issued
76274 SE Issued
Integrated Seat Suspension

V5300, V6300, V7300

EP 1 050 428 B1 EP 1 050 428 A1 Full Seat Adjustable Suspension EPO Issued
US 6,186,467 B1 US Issued
Integrated Seat Suspension

V5400, V6400, V7400

EP 2 192 001 B1 EP 2 192 001 A1 Adjustable Vehicle Seat Suspension EPO Issued
EP 2 574 498 B1 EP 2 574 498 A1 EPO Issued
US 8,197,004 B2 US 2010/0133413 A1 US Issued
US 8,469,450 B2 US 2012/0241587 A1 US Issued
Integrated Seat Suspension


D788,480 Vehicle Seat US Issued
Community Design No. 002 631 440-0001/0002 EPO Issued
268547 IN Issued
Integrated Seat Suspension


Community Design No. 002 631 440-0003/0004/0005 Vehicle Seat EPO Issued
271517 IN Issued
Integrated Seat Suspension

V6300, V6400

D663,962 Vehicle Seat US Issued
Community Design No. 1699588-0001/0002-0003 EPO Issued
Operator Presence Switch System

TS-2300, TS-3300,TS-2400, TS-3400,
TS-2500, TS-3500,TS-2800, TS-3800,
TS-4500, V5200, V5300, V5400, V6300, V6400, V7300, V7400, XA500, XA600

US 6,359,245 B1 Tractor Seat Safety System US Issued
Seat F/A Adjustment System

XH090, XH110, XH130, XH150, XC180, TS-3300, TS-3400, TS-3500, TS4500

EP 1 866 178 EP 1 866 178 A2 Seat Mount with Integrated Adjustment EPO Issued
US 8,196,887 B2 US 2009/0212190 A1 US Issued
Seat F/A Adjustment System

XH090, XH110, XH130, XH150, XC180,TS-3300, TS-3400, TS-3500, TS4500,

US 8,632,043 B2 US 2012/0248838 A1 Seat Shell with Integrally Formed Latch Holder and Fore-aft Adjustment Assembly US Issued
Seats F/A Adjustment System

Sport Seat

US 9,216,673 B2 US 2012/0318949 A1 Low Profile Seat Position Adjustment System US Issued
Seat with Integral Lumbar


US 8,052,213 B2 US 2008/0007102 A1 Seat with Adjustable Seat Occupant Support Assembly US Issued


Community Design No. 000067285-0002 Vehicle Seat EPO Issued


Community Design No. 000067285-0001 Vehicle Seat EPO Issued

XH110, XH130

2003/03455 Vehicle Seat TR Issued


D516,824 Vehicle Seat US Issued
2003/03167 TR Issued

XH150, XB150

Community Design No. 000087119-0001 Vehicle Seat EPO Issued


Community Design No. 000061999-0001 Vehicle Seat EPO Issued
2003/03538 TR Issued


Community Design No. 000086806-0001 Vehicle Seat EPO Issued
2003/03167 TR Issued
D502,610S US Issued


D536,546 Vehicle Seat US Issued
D536,547 US Issued


D536,187 Vehicle Seat US Issued
D536,887 US Issued


D516,327 Vehicle Seat US Issued
Webbing/Beam Spring Suspension US 7,837,273 B1 Seat Suspension US Issued
Motorcycle Seat Mounting and Grab Strap Attachment US 6,913,099 B2 US 2005/006159 A1 Mounting Configuration and Method for a Motorcycle Seat US Issued
US 7,093,684 B2 US 2006/060406 A1 US Issued
Motorcycle Seat to Frame Attachment System US 7,837,260 Vehicle Seat Assembly System US Issued
Blow Molded Seat and Back with interlocking steel frame US 8,096,621 B2 US 2009/0315383 A1 Vehicle Seat with Seat Base and Backrest Connected with Interlocking Steel supports US Issued
Motorcycle Bag Construction US 9,932,081 US 2015/0158539 A1 Composite Fiber Saddlebag, Saddle Bag Liner, and Method US Issued
2016/17020628 IN Pending
14867350.2 EP 3 077 280 A1 EPO Pending
Lumbar Assembly for Vehicle Seat 15/119,500 US 2017/0055712 A1 Adjustable Seat Occupant Support Assembly US Pending
15 795 523.8 EP 3 145 752 A1 EPO Pending
Ventilated and Cooled Seat US2015/045164 WO 2016/025776 A1 Cooling Pad for Ventilated Seat and Ventilated Motorcycle Seat PCT Pending
Motorcycle Seat Adjustment 14/991,908 US 2016/0200381 A1 Ergonomically Adjustable Motorcycle Seat US Pending
Fore and Aft Adjustment with Vibration Isolation US 10,076,974 US 2016/0355105 A1 Modular Forward and Rearward Seat Position Adjustment System with Integral Vibration Isolation System US Issued
16804677.9 EP 3 253 614 A0 EPO Pending
201717040974 IN Pending
Seat Comfort 15/292,096 US 2017/0103160 A1 Customer Comfort Optmization Method, Apparatus, and System US Pending

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