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For almost 100 years, Milsco has been applying our design expertise and manufacturing excellence to help customers in all industries create unique seating solutions that help them win over customers and stand out from the competition.

We’re experts in the design of comfortable, beautiful and manufacturable solutions that leverage state-of-the-art technology and streamlined quality-controlled processes to ensure a quickly produced high-end product at a low to-market cost.

Experts in comfort and materials
Fastest speed to market
Specialized in-house design team

Experts in comfort and materials

Because we’ve been in the business for almost 100 years, we have a wealth of comfort research and data we use to create scientific formulas that predict rider comfort. Our methodology has demonstrated that our formulas accurately predict the comfort of actual users.

Fastest speed to market

We’re able to drive costs down through industrial excellence plus our strategically located manufacturing and distribution points help ensure economical and fast delivery.

Specialized in-house design team

A highly-skilled and specialized in-house design team with extensive knowledge of all types of seating and materials is available to work on your project. Tell us what you’re looking to do, and we can start building from the ground up.

Quality and efficiency woven into everything we do

Our dedication to operational excellence allows us to achieve the highest possible quality at the lowest cost to you. Much of our reputation as a high-end seating producer is solidified by our industry-leading quality assurance processes which extend throughout all stages of production. Because our processes are so closely monitored, we are always looking for efficiency opportunities. This ability to spot efficiencies and implement changes quickly helps us get our seating products out the door fast.

The partner you want riding shotgun

Our work with name brands stands as proof we’re a valued partner. Motorcycle riders, lawn mowers, and off-highway equipment operators have appreciated the ergonomic design and comfort of Milsco seats since 1924. We pride ourselves in listening to customers and combining science, design and manufacturing know-how to create beautiful and comfortable solutions that add value to brands.

Industries we serve

Our partnerships

You’ll find Milsco products on many of the world’s most recognized brands. Our OEM partners rely on us to consistently deliver on budget and on time, while elevating the quality of their product and boosting sales with stylish, world-class seating solutions.

Milsco approaches every partnership with the goal of making an already great product even better. And we do that by listening to the voice of the customer (VOC) and then exceeding their expectations.

Outstanding reputation for service and support

“Nobody is doing what you guys are doing with seat shapes and brand language. This is exactly the way we need to be going.”
Turf Care OEM

“I am extremely happy with how our teams are working together to find creative ways to reduce costs for both of our organizations.”
On Road Vehicle OEM

Seating Solutions

From horse harnesses
to hands-free

Our history spans almost a century. We started off manufacturing horse harnesses in 1924, moved into name brand partnerships and are now focusing on seats for the autonomous vehicles of tomorrow.

Through the years, Milsco has taken pride in changing with the times and growing along with our customers and the needs of their customers. This tradition continues today as demonstrated by the innovations and technologies developed by Milsco and the number of patents issued or pending.